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Feb 10, 2021

Robert Maisel speaks 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

While Spanish is the only foreign language he learned from textbooks, he had to realise that he could not communicate with Argentina natives at first.

He figured that learning through interaction with the actual society speaking the language is much more effective for him. So he learned the other foreign languages Portugese, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese mainly by this technique.

His core motivation for learning languages is curiosity, passion and to be able to communicate, have an impact and to be impacted by other people. While it's essential to have a strong intrinsic motivation, external benefits such as more professional and personal opportunities and new relationships can be a motivation as well.

Robert tips for language learners is: Think about your motivation thoroughly. And then: Go out and do it! Learn in whatever is the most effective way for you and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

You’ll learn in this Episode:

πŸ‘‰ why he chose those 5 languages to learn

πŸ‘‰ how he stayed motivated to learn the languages even in the face of adversity

πŸ‘‰ what aspect makes Portuguese and Spanish language more different than you think

πŸ‘‰ what Japanese and Spanish language surprisingly have in common

πŸ‘‰ what your focus needs to be if you want to be understood in Mandarin Chinese


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