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Feb 10, 2021

Robert is an American cross-cultural consultant, global mobility specialist, travel coach and blogger, speaking 5 different languages. He’s been to 6 continents, 32 US States and 50 countries.

He grew up in New York where there wasn’t much cultural diversity. When he and his family moved to Michigan he got to know so many new cultures, religions and lifestyles. While he didn’t travel much during childhood, his interest was triggered to travel more - not so much for tourist activities but to dive deep into the local cultures.

Going to Argentina for his studies was very challenging as he never stayed long in a place away from home. As he became comfortable not being comfortable, he decided to go to Japan after his studies for an internship. He liked the country so much that he decided to work there for a couple of years.

What fascinated him were the huge differences in values, beliefs and business practice of the Japanese culture in comparison to the USA. For example Japanese people value relationships and trust the highest which leads to long decision-making. Both sides need to understand the other cultures process, values, beliefs to find a common ground.

You’ll learn in this Episode:

👉  Why Robert is so excited about “afternoon tea” tradition in Argentina where he studied

👉  Why he is fascinated the most about Japan even though he, at first, understood the least about this culture

👉  How his favourite quote “live true to your values, the rest will follow” has proven to be true


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