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Jun 24, 2020

Jana Wieduwilt is owner of a German marketing consulting company and a language learner of English and Spanish. 

At first, Jana and her company started in the German market, but as they expanded to English speaking countries, she had to reactivate her language skills as an adult. Another key motivation to improve her English were her sons, who attended high school in the USA. 

What did Jana help reactivate her language skills? Most importantly, she needs an emotional reason for learning, such as understanding a great English movie or finding out how her sons were doing as students in the USA. She also listens to English podcasts and videos related to marketing and other fields she is interested in. In addition, a private language teacher accompanies her progress.


You will learn in this episode:

  • Why talking and understanding a foreign language is more important than grammar
  • alternatives to traditional learning of vocabulary
  • Why an emotional motivation is key for learning languages
  • Why speaking the mother language of your clients is crucial for building trust
  • learning tips from adult language learner Jana Wieduwilt
  • What pilgrimage has to do with your personal and professional success



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