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Feb 10, 2021

Alexandra is a diplomatic spouse from Romania currently living in Berlin. She lived in 4 countries, has a master in business and participated in a certified program called “cultural diplomacy and intercultural communication”.

Spending high school time in the US, she experienced a quite severe cultural shock. Luckily she integrated easily, also due to her open-mindedness, and made friendships that still last.

After high school in the US she studied and worked in Romania before marrying her husband and moved to Vienna with him. As Vienna is quite close to Bucharest and they already had a few relationships there, the transition was quite easy.

However, when they moved to Berlin, they were disappointed by the people being more distant and the city being more dirty than in Vienna. This was when Alexandra put the theories from her cultural studies in practice: She used her knowledge not only to understand the other culture but to take the best of the values, beliefs and behaviours from everybody. If you're open-minded, friendly and don’t compare people and places you’ll find the beauty of everything if you take the time.

You’ll learn in this Episode:

👉 how Alexandra grew up in Romania and spend high school years in the USA

👉 why the cultural transitions from Vienna (Austria) to Berlin (Germany) was quite hard

👉 why the integration in Louisiana (USA) was a lot easier than in Berlin

👉 how your level of expectations determine your experiences in a new location

👉 why an open mind is key when moving to another country


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