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Jul 10, 2020

🗣Speech coach Irmeli speaks six languages and has been to nine countries. Since she's been living in Germany for a while now and because of her husband being German, she has had plenty of opportunities to practice and learn German, for obvious reasons 😊.

However, her “language learning philosophy” was/is different. As a student she travelled to several countries without the ability to fluently speak the language.

👉Her approach: Make sure you have a job/ task in the country, then pack your bags and go.

👉Her advice: Don’t be too afraid of making mistakes and just talk! People are so polite and just happy when someone speaks their tongue.

👉In addition, she recommends that you surround yourself more with the new language you want to learn. That can be radio shows, youtube videos, podcast or (children) books.

An effective combination for learning and memorizing is to hear and read the language and to write down whatever is new and useful to you.

You will learn in this episode:

  • how to learn 6 languages by the age of 41
  • the importance of your mindset when learning a new language
  • alternatives for the classic language course for both beginners and advanced
  • options to improve a language skill when you’re “almost perfect”
  • how speaking new languages can help fight stereotypes/prejudices



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