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Jun 24, 2020

What is better - a face2face or an online course for learning languages? This is a typical question from language learners and organizers of courses. In this episode you’ll learn about the pros and cons. You’ll find out what the best choice is for you, based on your learning style, time availability, technical equipment, and budget.

If you’re rather a communicative learner and you need more structure and physical contact in order to be motivated and effective, a regular course is the best fit.

If time is an issue or you value flexibility plus you’re an auditory learner, an online course is the way to go. This variant is mostly cheaper, but requires a high degree of self-direction and technical equipment.

You will learn in this episode:

  • The pros and cons of an online course vs. a face2face course
  • Why your personal learning type is most important when deciding to use an online or face to face course 
  • Why a face to face course is typically more effective
  • What possibilities you have for finding funds if budget is an issue



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