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Sep 28, 2020

Sami is the founder of the app “univoice” which helps people to learn a language through music.

He himself is fluent in four languages, loves to learn even more and can be definitely called a lifelong language learner. To improve his skills is an important part in Sami’s life. For him, it makes a huge difference to talk to people in their mother tongue to be able to dive into the culture and to understand what people really want to say. Another point for him is to discover the richness of history which forms a culture. The ability to communicate to native speakers helps to uncover all of that.

Sami made the experience that learning a new language is a little bit like a personality change. At the beginning, he was shy and did not speak a lot because he didn’t have an extensive vocabulary to have a good conversation. Though, improving language skills is a key to get in contact and to discover differences between cultures.

How does Sami learn languages? Everywhere, he was taking notes and practised them. After a while he had his own dictionary on his phone and used a lot of different tools. But at the end, none of them were really successful for him. Apps interfaces all look similar and that’s why Sami started to create his own app called “univoice”. The app helps to learn languages by music. Sami remembered that at the age of 16, it helped him a lot to improve language skills by listening to songs and bands. He learnt so many words and phrases and had a lot of fun. To help other people as well he founded his company.

You will learn in this episode:

👉 Why language is the key to discover a culture

👉 Why Sami is  fascinated by languages and he thinks that he would miss a lot not speaking them

👉 Why a language is a lot more than just words and can tell more about the social life in a country

👉 Why listening to songs helps to improve your vocabulary

Sami is always looking for investors, partners and people who love to learn languages and would like to test the app. 

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